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Hydroponics Mastery:
Guide to Modern Farming

Unlock the secrets of successful hydroponic farming with “JYOTI HYDROPONICS TRAINING PROGRAME” Dive deep into hydroponics with our expert guidance & learn modern farming techniques, with conceptual learning for maximize yields, and for cultivating sustainable futures. Join us!

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Crop Protection Services &

Nutrients Management Courses

Unlock crop potential with our nutrient management training programe. Master solution formulation, monitoring, and adjustment for optimal plant health and yield.

Prospective Entrepreneur

Hydroponics offers lucrative opportunities for those interested in starting their own urban farms or commercial hydroponic operations.

Hydroponics Beginners

If you’re new to gardening or hydroponics, our training provides the perfect starting point for biginners and expirienced . Learn the basics & conceptual learning, gain hands-on experience.

Modern Technology

Hydroponic systems utilize advanced technology to maintain optimal growing conditions, such as temperature, humidity, VPD, pH & EC of Substrate, pH & TDS of Fertigation Water  & Self formulated nutrient levels as per the crop requirement.
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We’re Best in Hydroponics & Organic Style Farming
We’ve 12 years of hydroponics farming experience..
Welcome to Jyoti Hydroponics, your premier destination for top-tier hydroponics and organic style farming solutions. With over 12 years of hardcore farming experience in hydroponics farming, we stand as pioneers in the industry, committed to revolutionizing modern agriculture practices, by involving minimal setup cost with maximum output. At Jyoti Hydroponics, we combine expertise with innovation to deliver unparalleled results, ensuring sustainable and high-yield crop production for our clients.

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We’re Popular Leader In Hydroponics & Organic Style Farming

Hydroponics Is Providing The Best Solution Of Eco Environment

At Jyoti Hydroponics, we firmly believe that hydroponics offers the ultimate solution for eco-friendly agriculture. Our innovative hydroponic systems allow for the cultivation of crops in a controlled environment without the need for soil, significantly reducing the setupcost, water usage and eliminating the use of harmful pesticides.

Training and Education:

We offer training sessions to educate our users, on hydroponic principles, conceptual learning and best practices for successful cultivation. Our moto is to make all farmers capable to do farming without any supportting hand. That means we want self sufficient farmers in our country.

Nutrient & Foliar Spray Management Services:

We provide Trainings on selecting the right nutrient and preparing the stock solutions for your crops as per its requirement and ensuring optimal nutrient levels for healthy plant growth with maximum output. This includes nutrient solution formulation, monitoring, and adjustment.

Crop Selection and Planning:

We advise on suitable crops based on your goals, space, climatic conditions and on return on your investment, as this is the main moto for all farmers to get the ROI as soon as possible and then start geting the profits. This includes recommending varieties that thrive in hydroponic systems and align with your market demands.

System Design and Installation:

We assess your space and requirements to design and install hydroponic systems tailored to your needs, whether it’s a simple setup for personal use or a complex commercial system. And here we make sure that farmers uses all natural resourses only to maintain the climatic conditions of the closed structure, to get the maximum output they are looking for.

Integrated Pest Management (IPM):

We develop IPM strategies to prevent and manage pests and diseases in hydroponic systems using organic methods only, in our trainings, as a precaution from the first day to last day of harvest with appropriate pest control measures for maximum yield.

Environmental Control:

We help to optimize environmental factors such as temperature, humidity, and lighting to maximize plant growth & yield. This involves recommended climate control systems and lighting solutions. But we are capable enough to do this without any big system to be installed. This is our expertice in this farming style. This really saves the farmers hard earned money.

Monitoring and Maintenance:

We guide and train you, to set up self sufficient monitoring systems, to track key parameters like pH, TDS, EC (electrical conductivity), and nutrient levels, and provide ongoing maintenance services to ensure system efficiency and crop health by confirming that our plants are able to take equal amount of water and nutrients to grow happily.

Troubleshooting and Support:

We offer troubleshooting assistance and support to address any issues that may arise with your hydroponic system, such as nutrient deficiencies, fungus/Virus/Bacterial Issues or pest outbreaks. We never run from any troubleshooting assistance. We make sure our clients they  learn and be the best in the farming industry.

Expansion and Scaling Up:

For commercial farmers, we advise on expanding or scaling up hydroponic operations, including system upgrades, facility design, and production planning as per your year around environmental conditions.Our experts provide tailored recommendations to optimize your operations and maximize yields, ensuring long-term success & profitability in this..

Training and Education

We provide training & materials to empower growers with skills for effective pest and disease management.

Regulatory Compliance:

We guide growers through crop protection regulations, ensuring compliance with pesticide, safety, and environmental standards.

Pest Management:

We specialize in IPM strategies, blending cultural, biological, mechanical, & minimal chemical methods for pest control, ensuring eco-friendly crop protection.

We’re Leaders in Hydroponics and Organic Style Farming

Our Crop protection services cum training helps in  preventing & managing pests, diseases, weeds related issues, ensuring agricultural success & sustainability.

Rewiring Services

Disease Management:

We offer disease prevention through cultural practices & disease-resistant varieties. When needed, we suggest eco-friendly fungicides or biopesticides.

Nutrient Management:

Optimal nutrient management enhances crop health and resilience. We offer testing, analysis, and balanced fertilization for peak nutrition and pest resistance.

Monitoring and Surveillance:

We assist in establishing monitoring systems for early pest and disease detection, enabling timely intervention to prevent outbreaks and minimize crop damage.
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Training on hydroponics & soilless culture based farming

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Training on blending nutrients and foliar spray solutions(crop specific)

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Hydroponics 101:  Foundations of Soilless Agriculture
Hydroponics 101:  Hydro Nutrient & Foliar spray Recipe (Crop Specific)
Popular Hydroponics Training

Hydroponics 101: Foundations Of Soilless Agriculture

  • 4+ Star rating on Udemy
  • Best seller on Udemy
  • Life-Time access to the course
  • Course Includes Total 21 Sections with 26 Lectures
  • Ease of access on Mobile, Tablet & Desktop

Hydroponics 101: Hydro Nutrient & Foliar Spray Recipe (Crop Specific)

  • Maximize your Harvest
  • Grow Like an expert
  • Save Time & Hard Earned Money
  • Sustainable Farming Style
  • Join The Hydroponics Revolution with on demand Nutrient Recipe as per the Crop Requirement
We offers our services on ‘pay as you grow’ journey! Phase 1: Learn & assess farming fit. Phase 2: Customize nutrients. Phase 3: Expert-guided farm setup, minimizing costs & maximizing control!

Don’t judge us by the harvest you take, but by the seeds you plant

Our team mission is to promote agricultural practices designed to provide abundant healthy
food, fiber and other services for all communities.


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Absolutely fantastic course! It covers all the essentials of hydroponic farming, from humidity to nutrients, in a clear and concise way, Exactly what i was looking for. Highly recommend for anyone interested in hydroponics.
Akash r.


This comprehensive course is valuable resource for anyone interested in hydroponics. From beginners to seasoned growers, it covers everything you need to know to succeed in this innovative farming method.


This course is a good match for me. It covered the basics to advanced concept with quick and easy-to-understand information. What I appreciate about the course is it gave some standard parameters & crop yield expectations.
Kunal Jain


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