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About Us
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Welcome to Jyoti Hydroponics, your premier destination for top-tier hydroponics and organic style farming solutions. With over 12 years of hardcore farming experience in hydroponics farming, we stand as pioneers in the industry, committed to revolutionizing modern agriculture practices, by involving minimal setup cost with maximum output. At Jyoti Hydroponics, we combine expertise with innovation to deliver unparalleled results, ensuring sustainable and high-yield crop production for our clients.

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I am a Computer Engineer, who turned Hydroponic Consultant and farmer full time. I started studying engineering in Rajasthan India and then worked with big companies and processes like Linksys by CISCO Division, IIHT Cisco Partners Mumbai, NIIT Technologies In Gurgaon and the last company I worked with was IBM Chandigarh. Unfortunately I had to quit my corporate Industry because of some family issues in late 2012 and then thought of doing farming, as I had faced the crisis of market fall in 2008 and 2009, but agriculture sector played a very important role in saving our country’s economy. I researched about the different type of farming styles and was stuck on the soilless farming style, which really attracted me and showed me a picture, that if all our farmers enroll in this technology, then for our farmers, there is no looking back and they can live life king size. My research on growing quality vegies and fruits started taking shape. I then started researching Polyhouse/Nethouse/Ropewire Nethouse growing techniques and started meeting many people in this industry. In November 2012, I came across this Soilless Farming Style and it grabbed all my attention, with one simple thing ie Grow anything, anywhere with minimum labor and without any climatic obstacle and my soilless farming roller coaster ride started. It took me couple of year to get the information  about the commercial setup of soilless farming and then indulged myself in the learning process since 2012 and then got into consultancy services to support local farmers and organization to grow green produce in this soilless setup. Then Finally after 10 years decided to come up with these videos, with minimum of Science concept of farming, with maximum output and have given all my years experience in these videos, to learn this soilless farming Technology in very simple steps.

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Hydroponics Is Providing The Best Solution Of Eco Environment

At Jyoti Hydroponics, we firmly believe that hydroponics offers the ultimate solution for eco-friendly agriculture. Our innovative hydroponic systems allow for the cultivation of crops in a controlled environment without the need for soil, significantly reducing the setupcost, water usage and eliminating the use of harmful pesticides.